Kenny: Horse meat investigation ‘a matter of reputation’


The Taoiseach says the Cabinet will be briefed this morning on the latest developments in the horsemeat scandal.

Gardai have now been called in to help in the investigation after the latest discovery of horsemeat in beef.

This time the find was made in Rangeland Foods in Co. Monaghan.

Department of Agriculture conducted tests confirmed last night that a raw ingredient used in the production of their burgers contained 75% horse DNA.

“Changes need to be made”

The supplier provides burgers to Supermacs but company boss Pat McDonagh says they have carried out tests on the burgers of the fast-food chain and found they are 100% Irish beef and fully traceable.

He says this crisis not only affects the beef industry, but Irish agriculture as a whole.

“Yes I think the whole scenario in relation to imported products into this country has be to be taken on by the Department of Agriculture and reviewed, and some new changes need to be made to it” he said.

“This does not alone affects beef, it affects everything in the agricultural scene” he added.

Minister Simon Coveney is due to brief the Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture later today and members will consider whether it is time to call in the heads of the companies at the centre of this controversy.

Horse DNA has also been found at a cold meat store in Northern Ireland.

The Food Standards Agency says it was among a consignment at Freeza Meats in Newry.

Speaking on his way into Government Buildings the Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the issue has to be sorted out because it is a matter of reputation.

And he had this to say to reporters when asked if the filler material came from Poland or if it was merely labelled as such.

Meanwhile Fianna Fáil has called for an independent inquiry into the horsemeat in burgers scandal.

The party Agriculture spokesperson Eamon O’Cuiv has been speaking to reporters at Leinster House.


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