Investigation launched over chemical spill at Shannon plant


The Health and Safety Authority have launched an investigation into a chemical spill at a Shannon plant.

However the Head of Clare’s Fire Service says the spill was contained quickly and posed no risk to surrounding homes or businesses.

This incident occurred shortly before 5pm yesterday evening at the Chemifloc plant in the Smithstown Industrial Estate.

A company spokesperson said staff were loading a batch of bleach when a chemical reaction occurred, sending a vapour cloud of chlorine into the air while also filling the building.

Staff quickly evacuated the plant while the emergency services were also alerted and up to eight units of the fire brigade from Ennis and Shannon attended the scene.

Seven workers – five men and two women were brought to Limerick Regional Hospital. Some had to be treated for breathing difficulties but none were seriously injured.

Its understood they had to decontaminated in a specially erected tent outside the hospital before they could be admitted to A&E.

The head of Clare’s Fire Service Adrian Kelly said the incident at the plant was contained by 9pm and didn’t pose a risk to public health.


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