IBRC lawyers unsure how to continue with Quinn prosecution


The Commercial Court has heard IBRC’s special liquidators have not instructed the bank’s lawyers on how to proceed in a legal action against the family of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn.

Today was the first time the multimillion euro legal battle was before the court since emergency legislation liquidating the bank was passed yesterday morning.

The case was listed so the parties could agree on a timeframe for further written and oral submissions following the 5 day cross examination of the Quinn children, Sean, Aoife, Brenda, Ciara and Collete, and 2 of their spouses Niall McPartland and Stephen Kelly.

Mr Ailil O’Reilly, BL, appeared for IBRC. He was unable to provide Mr Justice Peter Kelly with a copy of the order winding up the bank.

‘I appreciate it is in all the newspapers but it has to be proved to the court’. the judge said.

He also said he has been unable to obtain a copy of the new IBRC Act on the Oireachtas website even though it has been passed into law.

He agreed to Mr O’Reilly’s request to put the case back until next Wednesday.


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