Higgins calls for the Property Tax to be "brought down"


The Social Party TD Joe Higgins has declared that the property tax “must be brought down”. 

He was speaking at the launch of a plan to boycott the tax by the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes. 

The Dublin West TD says the fight against the household charge shows people power can win. 

“The only way in my view that the property tax can be brought down is through mass resistence of otherwise compliant taxpayers in their hundreds of thousands boycotting the registration process and refusing en-masse to engage with the revenue which has been giving responsibility to try and collect this tax”. 

The UNITE union has also offered its support to the opposition to the property tax. 

“There is a genuine terror about what will have to go if this austerity tax is imposed across the board on those who cannot pay” said regional secretary Jimmy Kelly.

You can see Deputy Higgins speaking on the issue below:


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