Government to get humiliating deal on Anglo debt, says Opposition


The coalition will get a “token and humiliating” deal on the Anglo Irish Bank promissory note debt according to the Dáil Technical Group.

They have tabled a motion for debate tonight and tomorrow calling on the coalition to never pay the debt.

Independent TD Shane Ross says the coalition will get a deal, “but we will get an absolutely token, humiliating deal, with the government extending this deal and pretending it’s a deal”.

He says Fine Gael and Labour will instead force our children, granchildren and even great-granchildren to pay the money that the technical group insists we do not owe.

Noonan: We will not default

Finance Minister Michael Noonan says that would be a default and that is something he will not do.

But Deputy Ross says “if you want to call it a technical default you can, but it is not a moral default”.

And he says “it’s their problem, they lent the money, the bankers borrowed it, not on our behalf but on their own behalf”.

Shane Ross spoke to reporters at Leinster House ahead of the Dáil motion tonight. 


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