Flowers top the list of Christmas gifts


It seems flowers is one of the top gifts from people living abroad.

The florist website – says its experienced a 33% increase in sales from customers in Canada, Australia and the United States – compared to last year.

The company attributes the sales spike to Irish emigrants now living abroad ordering gifts of Christmas floral bouquets for family and friends here at home.

More family away from home

Meanwhile, two thirds of Irish people have family and friends away from home this Christmas.

Tesco Mobile questioned 1,000 people for a new survey – 93% said they would prefer to have family or friends around them this Christmas, than presents.

On Christmas morning 31% will text their Mother first, followed by children at 14%, a sister at 15% and a best friend at 14%

And when they were asked who they would call if they could call anyone in the world, only 5% would choose a celebrity or famous leader over friends and family.


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