Dublin Archbishop calls for "mature respectful" debate on abortion


The Catholic Archbishop of Dublin has called for a mature respectful debate on abortion. 

This comments are widely seen as responding to comments made by Labour Minister Pat Rabbitte who earlier this week said he didn’t want the church hierarchy dictating to legislators.

Archbishop Martin said TDs who vote against the government’s new bill should not be punished by their parties for doing so.

Speaking in Dublin this afternoon he also revealed that, like the Taoiseach, he’s received personal threats over his views on abortion.

The Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, Rev Michael Jackson has also called for a measured respectful debate.

“I think it is important that the perspectives within Ireland should be part of the discussion and debate at this time. I am fully aware that numerically the Church of Ireland might be sitting on perhaps 4%. So it means the majority opinion is in a different tradition but we just want to make a contribution,” Rev Jackson said.

See Archbishop Dirmuid Martin’s comments below. 


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